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KIT AS – Preparation of veneers

KIT AS – Preparation of veneers

This KIT was developed for quality-conscious dentists who want to carry out safe and precise preparation of veneers.

The kit offers an innovative solution for removing tooth structure in a controlled manner.

The use of the kit means that the material thickness for the component statics and the coloring of the veneers is optimal.

The newly developed “AS depth markers” from HORICO® are presented in this brochure: These special diamond grinders make it possible to clearly define the removal depth in the tooth structure. The kit also includes additional, conically shaped diamond burs with coarse and fine grit, as well as the perfectly matched Lamello polishers.
The AS depth marker is a partially diamond-coated grinder. With its help, the dentist can remove tooth substances such as enamel and dentin, but also composite, in a controlled and minimally invasive manner. The special feature is that the practitioner’s hand is safely guided by the right-angled shape of the grinder’s shoulder. A stabilizing ring prevents the grinder from penetrating too deeply or tilting.

The AS depth marker is available in four different removal depths (0.3 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.7 mm and 1 mm).

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Steelcarbo-strips with gap

We can now offer you steelcarbo-strips with gaps in different width and grain. They are ideal for separating and for finishing of composites and are very popular in orthodontist practice!

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Carbide crown cutters

– heads made from finest tungsten carbide
– high precision toothing
– higher lifetime through exact centricity
– reduced vibrations through steel shank



NE cutter / NEF cutter

Special instruments for working with NEM alloys

 The toothing permits an extraordinary preparation before the polishing and has a very long standing time.


Because of different flutes compared to other TC cutters, which are used to obtain fine surfaces, it is now possible to work economically on very hard non precious alloys. The NE – toothing can be used for the fast reduction and the NEF toothing for fine rework. The toothings are available in different shapes.

The working steps beginning with the elaboration of the metal cast up to the prepolish can easily be done with 2 instruments now.


Black-coated cutters

These black-coated cutters have a particularly favourable price/performance ratio.

Features include: 

  • Exceptional DURABILITY.
  • A smooth surface that ensures very COOL OPERATION.
  • 1°,2°,0° with type 190 normal cut and 0° with type 134 cross-cut for non-precious metal and


The cutters, which should be used almost without applying pressure and are gentle on
the wrist, have always featured a very high cutting capacity and fine surface finish.

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Lion family burs

works efficiently even with the hardest materials

Loewen Schleifer

The gold-plated Lion burs are our premium diamond burs designed especially for extremely hard materials such as glass ceramics and zircon, and of course for any other material. In comparison to many other similar products, they have more than 20% stronger cutting power, create less heat at the same pressure and are amazingly good value for money.

The advantages of the Lion diamond burs at a glance:

  • Quicker – shorter treatment times due to having at least 20% stronger cutting power
  • Cooler – reduced heat generation, since less work pressure is required
  • Duration – excellent lifespan
  • Cheaper – superior value for money
Loeweliegend   All Lion burs >>>

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